Paint and Pixels

Mixing traditional and digital media.

Glitched Oil Paintings

These works are a series of meditations on painting within a visual culture dominated by digitally-produced imagery. The intention is to contrast the materiality of traditional painting with digital aesthetics: hiding (mimicking digital reproduction) or showing the painterly and inconsistent precision of the human hand. Another focus is to render images using painted analogues for glitch phenomena, like rastering and pixel-sorting, as well as pitting improbable or cubist perspectives against digital realism.

Glitched Watercolours


About... British-Canadian artist Valerie Zwart studied at the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

A sustained interest in subjective experiences of environment motivates Zwart's practice, which is mainly studio-based, but includes teaching and writing (an archive page is in development). Her studio is at Patrick Studios in Leeds, UK.

Her work is held in numerous private collections in several countries as well as in a number of corporate collections.


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